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Welcome to
WiFi Artists

A co-working cohort focused on building community while traveling the world.

What We Do

WiFi Artists is a community of remote workers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads who travel the world together. We interview and select like-minded individuals for joining our trips around the world. Our groups travel to a different country each month, working remotely while experiencing new places and cultures. The program cost includes accommodation, transfer to and from airport, coworking station, 24/7 local support, local SIM card, optional weekly activities and of course Program lead who will be travelling with you during the whole stay. You can select a one-month trip or book up to 3 programs consecutively. 


Our Philosophy

We believe bucket lists are meant to be lived, not dreamt about.

Working a traditional nine-to-five job isn’t for everyone. Countless people spend their entire lives doing jobs they hate in the hopes that they can one day retire and start living the good life they’ve always dreamed of. WiFi Artists is for people who are ready to carve their own path and who don’t want to wait until they’re 65 to start following their dreams.

The world is meant to be explored, and there’s no time to waste! Thanks to the growing gig economy, now is a better time than ever to live life on your own terms. You no longer have to be chained to a desk for 40 hours each week to make a living. WiFi Artists provides the framework and community for you to make the most of working remotely.

Fostering real, genuine connections among groups of digital nomads is our priority. We care more about creating memorable experiences than posting about them on social media. When you travel with WiFi Artists, you’re sure to have a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience you won’t find with any other community.

Meet Our Team

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Hova Rafayel

CEO and Founder

Hova Rafayel is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by profession and a world traveler by passion. He has traveled to 50+ countries and 47 of the United States without posting a single picture on social media. He believes in creating experiences and real connections with people while traveling, and he prefers to fully live in the present moment rather than through the lens of past photos.​ He is also the owner and founder of an accounting firm that specializes in international taxation, business consulting, tax residencies, and second citizenship.​Hova founded WiFi Artists and has helped hundreds of people travel and see the world. After traveling with many airlines, staying in the most extraordinary hotels and hostels, and organizing travel for large groups, he realized traveling is more about human relationships than locations. He decided to start WiFi Artists as a platform to help people meet, build lifelong relationships, and create memories.


Ambika Gupta
Trip Leader

Ambika was born in India but grew up all over the northeast United States. She is currently a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley pursuing her Masters in Data Science. After traveling with Wifi Artists to Mexico, Georgia, and Spain, she joined us as a trip leader to help others find the joy of travel and create friendships around the world. She is always ready for the next adventure and hopes to see you soon, too!


Lilya Vardanyan Awesome People Manager

Lilya Vardanyan currently serves as the Awesome People Manager, helping WiFi Artists build a bigger community of awesome people from all over the world. Lilya was born and raised in Armenia, and always had an interest in cross-cultural communication, thus she did her BA degree in Translation and intercultural communication. Meeting new people and learning about their experiences has always been her passion, that’s the reason she’s participated in various Erasmus+ programs, where she could meet people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.


Besides, she did MA in Psychology of Management, to dive deeper into human nature and attitude and reveal their intentions. Over the past years, she’s been working as Talent Acquisition professional in different organisations spanning from HR consulting agencies to companies/startups in IT, marketing and crowdfunding industry, helping companies find and recruit the best talents from global and local job markets and doing career consultations for those, who were still starting their career journey.


Lilya considers, that one should enjoy life to the full as the precious time, limitless energy and fantastic opportunities life gives every day are worth appreciating and making use of them. She’s a big enthusiast of social dances, and activities that include hights, loves meeting new people and learning their stories to get inspired to do something more. “Life is too short, enjoy it, as YOLO (you only live once) ”is her slogan for life. 

David Picture.jpeg

David Margaryan Brand Ambassador

David was born and raised in Armenia. He climbed the corporate ladder in one of the biggest multinational corporations as a marketing manager. He is fond of photography, reading books, and having simple conversations with friends and family. Currently, he is embarking on a new journey and wants others to experience a similar positive impulse to rediscover purpose for change, innovation, and discovery. “Travel, game, eat and repeat” is his new slogan for life.


Our Values



Everything we do in life is fueled by passion and purpose. We’re not for living lukewarm – we go all in and we put our heart and soul into everything we do.



Life is too short to be serious all the time! Humor is one of our favorite parts of togetherness, and we’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves. Laughter keeps our community alive!



WiFi Artists strives to create inclusive experiences for all. We do not discriminate, we embrace our differences, and we pride ourselves on being a welcoming community for everyone.


The World Is Calling

Don’t wait! Apply to a program and become a WiFi Artist today.

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