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Rio De Janeiro

February 9 – March 9, 2023
Private Bedroom $1,900


Brazil is synonymous with exuberant celebration, and no place more so than the bustling coastal city of Rio de Janeiro –  home of the world’s largest party, Carnival. The festive metropolis is also famed for its spacious sunny beaches and modish music culture, making it an easy must-visit location for world travelers.

What's Included?

Work-Friendly Accommodations

Co-Working Pass

Professional Development

Dedicated Team Lead

Airport Arrival Transfer

Welcome Essentials

City Guide

Local SIM Card


High-Speed Internet in the Room and Common Areas


Cleaning Services


Backup Technology (Laptop, Charger, Batteries)

Additional Services

Public Transport Pass

Gym Membership


WiFi Speed

Download: 91.82 mbps
Upload: 48.34 mbps

Easiest Transportation Method


One Month Trip Cost

Without Accoommodation



One Month Trip Cost

Private Bedroom



Meet Your Rio De Janeiro Hosts


When you choose to visit Rio De Janeiro, you’ll be hosted by a group lead who is a WiFi Artists employee and will travel with the group throughout the entire duration of your stay. Unlike other remote work companies, we never leave you hanging. You’ll also have support from our on-the-ground team in Buenos Aires. If you need help booking a tour, finding the best local activities, or getting questions answered, the team is your go-to resource! 

Why Choose Buenos Aires For Your Remote Work and Travel?

Bossa Nova

Bossa nova was born from a cocktail of traditional Afro-Brazilian samba, American Jazz, and Portuguese poetry. Rising from the beach culture of the 1950s, it has become a distinctive sound of Brazil and a seminal influence on world music and dance. Whether at the Bip Bip Bar, The Maze Rio, or along the Beco das Garrafas, there are many inviting, colorful clubs sounding out the syncopated beats of bossa nova.

Buenos Aires remote work and travel tango