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May 9 – June 9, 2022

Private Bedroom $2,600

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What's Included?

Work-Friendly Accommodations

Co-Working Pass


Professional Development

Dedicated Team Lead

Airport Arrival Transfer

Welcome Essentials

City Guide

Local SIM Card


High-Speed Internet in the Room and Common Areas


Cleaning Services


Backup Technology (Laptop, Charger, Batteries)

Additional Services

Gym Membership


Public Transport Pass

WiFi Speed

Download: 136.94 mbps
Upload: 62.53 mbps

Easiest Transportation Method

Walking or Metro

One Month Trip Cost

Without Accommodation



One Month Trip Cost

Private Bedroom



Lisbon is Portugal’s stunning capital city, and it is one of the most vibrant cities in all of Europe. A blend of traditional heritage and progressivism, the city offers a glorious climate, buzzing nightlife, and plenty of opportunities for exciting adventures. Lisbon is one of the most popular places for digital nomads with co-working spaces cropping up right and left. So, you’ll have ample opportunity to connect with other expats.
Portugal remote work and travel Lisbon

Meet Your Lisbon Hosts

When you choose to visit Lisbon, you’ll be hosted by a group lead who is a WiFi Artists employee and will travel with the group throughout the entire duration of your stay. Unlike other remote work companies, we never leave you hanging. You’ll also have support from our on-the-ground team in Lisbon. If you need help booking a tour, finding the best local activities, or getting questions answered, the team is your go-to resource! 

Why Choose Lisbon For Your Remote Work and Travel?

Enjoy Amazing Year-Round Weather

Set on the western coast of Europe, Lisbon experiences some of the best weather the continent has to offer. Its climate is fairly moderate compared to its European neighbors, even during the winter months. This makes any time a great time to visit Lisbon. You’ll be able to spend your days exploring the city and looking for the next incredible view. 

Admire the Architecture

Walking through the streets of Lisbon, you’ll be met by stunning buildings and architecture. Be sure to check out the art-deco style buildings in the Anjos neighborhood, as well as the beautiful tiled buildings dotted around the city. Even the more modern structures are wonderful to behold.

Lisbon remote work and travel architecture

Enjoy the Nightlife

Check out the party neighborhood, Bairro Alto. You’re sure to run into party-goers every night of the week as you walk along the narrow alleyways lined with clubs and pubs. Or, attend one of the larger clubs in Lisbon that regularly host different themed events and parties. If you’re not into the clubbing scene, visit trendy spots like Chiado or Principe Real for a drink.

Lisbon remote work and travel nightlife

Food, Wine, and Pastries Galore

Lisbon is a haven for food- and wine-lovers. Portugal is known all over the world for its wines, as well as its delicious desserts and pastries. Be sure to try some fresh seafood when visiting Lisbon, and check out the popular Time Out Market, or Mercado da Ribeira, for a culinary experience that blends traditional and international cuisines. 

Lisbon remote work and travel food and pastries

Stunning Beaches and Day Trips

Even though Lisbon doesn’t have any because of its own, you’ll find an abundance of beaches less than an hour-long drive from the city. In just a short trip, you’ll arrive at the coast where miles of sandy beaches wait for you to come relax in the sun. There are also plenty of day trips you can take just outside the city to explore nearby mountains, villages, and countrysides.

Lisbon remote work and travel beaches
Lisbon remote work and travel weather

Where to Stay in Lisbon

We recognize the importance of having a comfortable place to stay and work during your travels. That's why we've meticulously selected our accommodations in only the best areas of Lisbon. These options will provide everything you need to have a relaxing, fun, and productive trip. Browse through our photos to get an idea of the general vibe and standard of our accommodations in Lisbon.


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