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The Costs of Group Travel

Wifi Artists is more than a group travel company, it is a community and a place to make new and everlasting connections and memories. We know that traveling can be scary, and we are here to help you get through all the tough parts. We are experienced, aware of things going on around us, and we are always there to support you.

Travel is expensive though, so why would you travel with a group, to begin with? When you first look at group travel prices, it’s common to think that they’re overpriced. Wifi Artists understands that. However, when you look into traveling with a group, there are more than just the immediate benefits - there are many hidden benefits that exist as well. However, before we dive into benefits, let’s first look at a few cost comparisons.

When you’re looking at group travel costs, there’s a quick and easy exercise you can do to do a few price comparisons. We suggest doing this price comparison for any trip you’re about to take with a group.

Let’s look into Portugal - specifically this group tour. This group tour is seven days and has a total cost of $1,413. It includes a hotel for six nights, six breakfasts and one dinner, a dedicated team leader, transportation between activities, and the activities in the itinerary. The activities are outlined below.

Our trip to Portugal is $2,600 for thirty days. It includes accommodations with wifi the entire time, a coworking pass, a dedicated team lead, airport transportation, a local SIM card, and two dinners. This leaves you responsible for certain things that aren’t covered like they are above, specifically activities and breakfast.


Lisbon Orientation Walk: Free

Fado performance with dinner: $50-100

Batalha gothic monastery entrance and visit: $8

Porto orientation walk: Free

Port wine cellars visit and tasting: $20

Transport to/from all included activities and between all destinations: ~ $200

Total cost: $328 for 7 days, $1,312 for 28 days

Breakfasts: $15 each

Total cost: $90 for 7 days, $360 for 28 days

The total cost for 28 days with the group tour: $5,652.00

The total cost for 30 days traveling with Wifi Artists + adding costs above: $4,272.00

That is over $1,000 in savings. Plus, traveling with Wifi Artists gives you the flexibility to do what you’d like throughout the 30 days, you’re not stuck with a concrete schedule. Additionally, the group tour does not specify if wifi or SIM cards are available, both very important for communication.

So you can see that cost-wise, although Wifi Artists seems expensive before looking into details, it’s actually very reasonable and affordable. It’s about looking into the details and what’s important to you. If tours that are fully guided are your thing, the guided program may be better for you. However, if you enjoy making your own plans, running your own show, and choosing what you’re doing every day, Wifi Artists is probably for you.

Now let’s dive into benefits, both implied benefits and hidden benefits.

Community: Wifi Artists is a community, a team of people who are traveling together, working together, and touring together. We are a tight knit group of people that have bonds after just a few days. You’re never on your own, there’s always someone around. Additionally, since there are so many of us, there’s a better chance that you’ll vibe with someone and part off to go do different activities. At the end of the day though, we come together, we know that we’re a team.

Connections: Going along with the community aspect, you create amazing connections with people you may have never met without traveling together. Some of these connections end in lifelong friendships. You create memories that you’ll never forget. Additionally, you may even make a friend that you travel with in the future!

Organization: The best part of traveling with a group like Wifi Artists is that everything is organized before you arrive. Your accommodation is organized by the team lead, and they know all the details including what’s included, what you need to supply, and where everything is. Your arrival, clearing customs and immigration, is all laid out perfectly by the team lead as well - you’ll fly through that line and look like a professional. You know where the closest coffee shops and grocery stores are. You understand the currency and the safety measures. Group activities are also organized by the team lead, you simply vote on activities and show up. Groups like Wifi Artists make it SO easy for you to travel and have fun.

Inclusions: Finally, there are of course the listed inclusions such as accommodation, wifi, two dinners, a SIM card, airport transfers, and more. These seem small, but they are often a huge ordeal to organize, so having this done for you is very beneficial.

Sharing transportation costs: The first of the hidden benefits is sharing transportation costs - Uber, taxi, etc. This can be so beneficial as transportation can be one of the biggest costs when traveling. If you’re going to the same place as a fellow traveler, you can pay anywhere from just 25-50% of the total cost. Imagine cutting your transportation budget in half!

Referrals: As we’re all digital nomads, it’s very common that we refer each other for different work that comes across. If you’re a copywriter, and you’re traveling with a website designer that has a client looking for a copywriter, it’s common that you’ll be the person they refer. If you’re a Virtual Assistant and someone in the group needs an assistant’s support, it’s most likely you that they’ll go to. Additionally, you can gain affiliate referral income by telling fellow travelers about the different programs you’re a part of that may benefit them.

Group tour discounts: A huge benefit of traveling with a group is that you’re more likely to get discounts on experiences and tours. For example, when Wifi Artists was in Africa we went on a safari. The cheapest safari we could find as a solo traveler was $750, but as a group of ten people, our group leader was able to find a safari for $450 per person, a $300 savings! Experiences are another large expense when traveling, so having a group discount can make a large difference.

Group leader: This leads to our group leader, an amazing asset to the Wifi Artists team and an amazing asset to your travels. This person not only does the research and organization, they also do all the negotiations with different companies so you can receive a lower price. You don’t have to do any of that work, it’s all handled for you. This makes it so easy when it comes to traveling.

Security: At the end of the day, you’re a traveler that’s going country to country, which can be very scary or dangerous. Wifi Artists has training and experience when traveling as a digital nomad and takes care of you, someone will always answer your text. Plus, with 10-20 people around, if anything ever happens, someone will always take care of you and call your family and keep them up to date, guaranteed.

Of course, Wifi Artists is not the only company that organizes travel for digital nomads. There are other companies, such as Noma Collective and Wifi Tribe, that we consider community and friends - we network with them whenever we have the chance.

If you compare their prices to Wifi Artists prices though, Wifi Artists is almost 50% less than them. Although we are new, we still have experienced travelers with us. We are a growing company and our prices reflect that. We also do not have yearly membership fees, you are welcome to travel with us for just 1 month, or forever!

When you are considering traveling with a group, we suggest doing your own research. Compare prices, tours, and community. Know what you should be expecting, what’s included, and what you need to take care of. You should be going to a foreign country knowing exactly what you should expect from the group tour company.

Wifi Artists trips are tailored to YOU. The reason we started Wifi Artists is to have people like you live their best lives, while traveling with a group of others just like them. Your travel experience is so important to us, and we want you to have the best experience possible.

If there are any additional concerns you have, we suggest checking out our FAQ page here before reaching out. If the question you have is not on our FAQ page, you can reach us via our contact form here. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to travel with us? Check out our current program availability here and apply here. After applying, you will have a quick interview with one of our program leaders and you will be on your way to traveling in no time! We can’t wait to meet you.



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