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Thank you for your interest in joining WiFi Artists. We put extremely high emphasis on identifying the right candidates for our community. We ask you to complete the application below, and one of our awesome program leaders will contact you to schedule an interview.  

What is your occupation/specialization? What’s the name of your employer?

What interests/hobbies do you have in life? What makes you happy?

How many countries have you travelled so far?
Hypothetical situation: One of the group members you’ve been traveling with for 2 months and yet you’re not on good terms with him/her suddenly gets infected during the trip and is hospitalized. Whereas you have tickets for the match of your favorite team for that day. Choose one of the options below.
Hypothetical situation: One of the group members booked the wrong time slot for Machi Pichu though everybody was informed earlier which time slot to book. The next slot to be opened is two hours later. Choose one of th option below

Mention your expected takeaways from participation in the program?

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Do you have any special needs that need to be discussed via call before you submit the application?
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