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We carefully select like minded and  adventurous individuals (We call them WIFI artists) and provide everything necessary for easy travel and life changing experiences. WIFI Artists will Travel to a new country each month and by the end of the year will be in 12 countries and in 5 continents. We will provide accommodation, flights between the locations, transfer to and from airports,  coworking stations, 24/7 local support and optional weekly activities.  You can join the group anytime, skip a month or participate in full 12 month program.

School Application


1. Apply to be part of the group

We interview and carefully select like minded people to be part of the group. Our participants are between ages 24 to 45 and have a remote jobs or are a full time graduate students. We put the most effort in the selection of the group since we believe human connection is the core experience and benefit of this program.


2. Select the program

Once your application is approved, you can select the time, countries and duration of your  program. You can join to the group for a month or participate all 12 programs around the world. Our group will be in a different country each moth. You can see the details of the countries and schedules here.


We ask for $500 deposit to secure your spot. Once you made the deposit you can chose the countries and the duration of your trip. Each of the 12 countries have different prices but if you decide to participate in the full program, your monthly cost will be $1,500. This will inlcude private room in a shared house, access to work lounges, airport transfer and travel airfare between destinations.

Oia Santorini Greece
Tour Group


3. Meet the group

Once the group is selected and confirmed, we will have an introductory video call to introduce the group. You will  virtually meet the participants you are  going to spend the next 1-12 months. The contact information will be shared with one another. This ussually will start 2-3 months prior to the departure. Other team building activities will be organized to keep the hype.

4. Arrive in the Host Country


Your program leader will meet you in the airport of the host country. You will be transferred to the co-living house, where you will  meet other participants and start the journey. There will be introductory session organized by your program leader, who will be there for any further questions the entire time. Program leaders are employees of "WiFi Artists" and have extensive experience in travel and management.

Group Portrait of Queer Friends


5. Work, Travel, Learn, Inspire and make memories

This is where all the magic a happens. Group of 15 to 30 like minded individuals will work and travel in one county each month. We will cook, play, explore, inspire each other and maybe sometimes argue (this is part of the story). At the end of the day, we will become better, more educated and spiritually richer individuals.


6. Lifetime member of WiFi Artists

You will join 100s of members (artists) who participated any of our programs. This platform will allow you to always be connected, share knowledge or even start and lead your own program. You will also receive offers and discounts with our partners.

Travel Polaroids
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