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Program Lead

Share your passion. Guide digital nomads.

WiFi Artists is a community of remote workers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads exploring the world together. During the week, we work remotely and share knowledge to expand our skill sets. On the weekends, we explore and share experiences most people only see online.


WiFi Artists Program Leads are essential to our mission. Program Leads travel with 10-20 other WiFi Artists and shape group activities. Travel costs and program participation are covered in exchange for working as a program lead.

Why choose WiFi Artists?

We believe bucket lists are meant to be complete, not just dreamed of.

A traditional nine-to-five job is not for everyone. For generations, professionals went to work every day, hoping that eventually (after decades) they could retire and begin the life they’ve always dreamed of. WiFi Artists is for those eager to carve their own path and chase new experiences.

Thanks to the growing gig economy and increased remote work options, now is the time to live on your own terms. Days of long commutes, 40 hour work weeks, and dimly lit cubicles should be a thing of the past.

WiFi Artists provides a framework and community for you to make the most of working remotely.

Fostering real, genuine connections among groups of digital nomads is what we do best.


WiFi Artists Believe:


Travel opens the mind to new routines and customs.


Experience helps us understand our purpose.


Community empowers a productive, healthy life.

What do Program Leads do?

As a Program Lead, your mission is to bring members together while creating a culture of productivity and exploration. Great program leaders help create eye-opening experiences.

You will travel internationally with 10-20 other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals, moving to a new city every month.  Program leads are responsible for managing trips to the new destination and leading activities during the 1-month stay.

People skills, calm leadership, and experience with international travel will help you bring people together and grow deep connections in the community, regardless of what city, country, or continent you’re in.


Program Lead Logistics

Program Leads usually assist for a minimum of two or three programs in a row. You’ll spend one month in each location, arriving ahead of the full group. Participating in multiple programs builds a level of comfort within the group and grows your skillset immensely.

For those eager to join for 5-months or more, WiFi Artists encourages a “rest program” which allows the program lead to participate rather than lead. Keeping program leads refreshed, happy, and engaged makes WiFi Artists a better group.


When leading a WiFi Artists program, you can expect a part-time commitment of 20 hours per week.

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What we look for in Program Leads

  1. Confident, positive energy - speaks their truth to benefit and protect the group dynamic, willing to do the right thing even when it's difficult.
  2. Consistent, organized traveler - simplifies complex schedules, shares information among multiple parties effeciently, extensive travel experience.
  3. Community and relationship builder - makes others feel valued, connects with a variety of people, "reads a room" of people with ease.

Program Lead benefits
Personal benefits
  • New perspective, new connections, and new cultural understanding

  • Leave the cubicle for extensive adventure, self-discovery, and human connection

  • Sense of purpose, connecting professionals to their dream experiences

  • Knowledge and skill-sharing among WiFi Artists

  • Grow alongside a great team that values your perspective, experience, and opinion


Professional benefits
  • Sharpened planning, communication, and business acumen

  • Learn more about the travel space and network with leaders in new industries

  • Expand your global network to help you find future opportunities


Preferred background
  • Experience with leading/managing in-person communities and teams

  • Already working/freelancing remotely part-time or are ready to find additional part-time remote work

  • Comfortable and confident international traveler

  • Able to travel to most countries given passport and vaccine requirements

Program Lead responsibilities include:

  • Organizing a welcome and goodbye party, one group activity each weekend, four group dinners, one community volunteer activity

  • Creating an activity schedule and sharing that with the group

  • Connecting with the local community and travel companies for small events

  • Managing communications via  WhatsApp group

  • Taking pictures for group events and transferring them to the Marketing team

  • Assisting participants with arrivals, departures, housing, and coworking spaces

  • Collaborating with the marketing team to promote the location (create social media posts, record videos, etc.)

Perks & Compensation

  • Full program participation includes:

    • Airport arrival and departure transfer

    • Comfortable, safe, work-friendly accommodations

    • Local sim card

    • Coworking pass

    • Backup technology (laptop, charger, batteries)

  • $500 reimbursement for flights

How to Apply


Click the button below to submit your application via email. In your email, be sure to include: your full name, email address, phone number, city/country where you currently reside, a copy of your resume, and one fun fact about why you're ready to remote work and travel with our community. We will review your application and, for candidates who we feel are a good fit, follow up with interviews by members of our leadership team along with a small task to demonstrate your skills (when applicable).


Candidates will train remotely (this portion of work is not paid) prior to joining a trial program in person. Flight reimbursement is available for candidates whose trial program is successful and who sign a multi-program contract.

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