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We Are WiFi Artists

Our uniquely diverse community of WiFi Artists are remote workers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs who have a passion for seeing the world and want to do it in a safe community, one month and country at a time. From project managers and art directors to self-employed freelancers and YouTube influencers, the one thing all WiFi Artists have in common is the ability to work from anywhere and the desire to make the most of it. 

Curious about some of our WiFi Artists experiences?

Check out their adventures below.

LIVING IN MEXICO CITY as a Digital Nomad | ft Wifi Artists


Guatape, Colombia - Digital Nomad Experience with WiFi Artists

Arriving to Colombia -
First Impressions of Medellín

Our New Approach to Travel ft WiFi Artists

What travelling with a digital nomad community is like. Ft. Wifi Artists

Colombia's INSANE National Sport (involving gunpowder)

My first day in Colombia... 🇨🇴

Traveling to Medellin, Colombia in 2022 with Sarah G

traveling to Cancun SOLO
(this wasn't the plan!)

What is is like to travel with the Wifi Artists? | 2022 Colombia Review

How I Travel SOLO as a
Female Digital Nomad

How to Choose Where to Stay -Tips for Digital Nomads

Instagram Feed

Working on Laptop

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The World Is Calling

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