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July 8 – August 5, 2023
Private Bedroom $1,600

Yerevan, the capital of former Soviet country Armenia, is a very metropolitan city and has a festive palette throughout the year. It's the distant past and the rhythmic present flawlessly combined. 

What's Included?

Work-Friendly Accommodations

Co-Working Pass

Professional Development

Dedicated Team Lead

Airport Arrival Transfer

Welcome Essentials

City Guide

Local SIM Card


High-Speed Internet in the Room and Common Areas


Cleaning Services


Backup Technology (Laptop, Charger, Batteries)

Additional Services

Public Transport Pass

Gym Membership


Meet Your Yerevan Hosts


When you visit Yerevan, you’ll be hosted by a group lead who is a WiFi Artists employee and will travel with the group throughout your stay. Unlike some remote work companies, WiFi Artists never leave you hanging. You’ll have support from our on-the-ground team in Yerevan. If you need help booking a tour, finding the best local activities, or getting questions answered, the team is your go-to resource!

WiFi Speed

Download: 34.80 mbps
Upload: 31.15 mbps

Easiest Transportation Method

Bus or Subway

One Month Trip Cost

Without Accommodation



One Month Trip Cost

Private Bedroom



Why Choose Yerevan For Your Remote Work and Travel?

Explore The Old And The New

A combination of both worlds from old churches, historical and cultural monuments, museums, and galleries, mixed with modern sights and recreational places that bustle with trendy bars and cafes frequented by well-heeled locals.


Admire The Inside-Out Art Center, Cascade

An inside-out art center housed in a vast flight of limestone steps known as the Cascade, where contemporary art compliments nature and architecture, inviting you to embrace the sweeping views of the city with Mount Ararat in the background. Enjoy your time at the base decorated with gardens, fountains, and cafés, making it a remarkable meeting point for locals and expats.

Yerevan, Armenia.jpeg

Visit the Dancing Fountains

In the heart of Yerevan and the Republic Square, next to the History Museum and Art Gallery, the famous singing and dancing fountain is one of the main attractions of Yerevan, gluing locals and tourists to its colorful performance under a range of the world’s classical masterpieces, national music, rock and pop motifs of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Dancing Fountains.jpg

Stroll down Vernissage Market

A few steps from the Republic Square, Vernissage is the right place to get a little taste of Armenia and a unique spot to witness the fusion between national traditions and modern taste. It offers the best examples of Armenian folk art, national souvenirs, paintings, unique jewelry, and exclusive handmade craftsmanship.


Discover The World Of Dalans


Creative masterpieces add charm to the city's look. Wander into any neatly painted Dalan (archway) and enter a portal into a different world. You may find a gorgeous 19th-century balcony or a beautiful church beyond.


Taste The Most Ancient Cuisine In The South Caucasus

Armenian food is rich and filling, with hints of blended spices that never overwhelm. The dishes here are diverse and delicious, thanks to the use of spices, herbs, and wildflowers. The cuisine options are limitless, from Caucasian, Middle-Eastern, and European, to American and Asian.


Where to Stay in Yerevan


We recognize the importance of having a comfortable place to stay and work during your travels. That's why we've meticulously selected our accommodations in the best neighborhoods of Yerevan. These options will provide everything you need to have a relaxing, fun, and productive trip. Browse the photos below to get an idea of the vibe and standard of Wifi Artists’ accommodations in Yerevan.