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The 8 Best Coworking Spaces in Medellín, Colombia

Medellín, located in the Aburrá Valley, is Colombia’s second-largest city. Transformed over the past three centuries by mass transportation and a focus on the arts, people flock to Medellín for the warm tropical weather, natural beauty, and lively nightlife.

For those in search of adventure and beauty, Medellín does not disappoint. In the past three years, thousands of remote workers and digital nomads have made the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ their temporary or permanent homes.

An essential part of a successful stay for freelancers and remote workers is finding a proper coworking space. Coworking spaces give guests access to secure wifi, workstations, and much more, which empowers remote team members to do their best work. In addition, the shared spaces often lead to great networking opportunities and help maintain the line between our work lives and personal lives. Rather than work from a hotel room, coworking spaces offer an essential balance.

At WiFi Artists, we rely on coworking spaces to stay productive, connected, and comfortable while traveling the world. After spending a month in Medellín, we’re excited to share with you some of our favorite coworking spaces and the amenities that we love about them.

1. Selina Selina has been the coworking space of choice for the WiFi Artists group in Medellín. All WiFi Artists program participants can access the free coworking area and choose to participate in activities like coffee tastings, karaoke, salsa dancing lessons, and even a professional massage (massages not included, unfortunately).

The Selina coworking team has helped our group plan activities and gave terrific suggestions for local restaurants, bars, and events.

Known for their fleet of hostels across Latin America, Selina’s facilities are stylish, affordable, and comfortable. Selina Cowork Medellín is large, welcoming, and popular for a good reason. If you want to learn more about how WiFi Artists book trips and travel the world, click here. Features

  • Open spaces with natural light

  • Private rooms for video calls

  • Cafe, bar, and restaurant all on site

  • Printing services on-demand

  • Internet speeds above 30mbps

  • Meditation and fitness classes

  • 24/7 access regardless of membership type


  • Daily Hot Desk: 43,738 COP

  • Weekly Dedicated Desk: 207,759 COP

  • Monthly Dedicated Desk: 677,953 COP

Located in El Poblado in the heart of Medellín, Quokka Coworking is a great place to clock in, be productive, and enjoy your surroundings. The onsite team is friendly and accommodating. Choosing from multiple spaces gives guests privacy for calls. The wifi is reliable and consistently fast, close to 100 megabits per second (Mbps). The desks are kept clean with three different spaces to enjoy. Whether you prefer a cafe-style work area, a quiet room for focus, and an outdoor terrace to feel the breeze, Quokka is an excellent choice. Rest assured, Quokka is an outstanding deal for the money and a lovely place to work.


  • Daily rate: 38,000 COP (~ $10 USD)

  • Weekly rate (reserve meeting rooms in advance): 150,000 COP (~ USD 40)

  • Monthly rate (including reserved workspace, ability to book meeting and conference room spaces): 450,000 COP (~ USD 115)

West of downtown Medellín in the quiet residential neighborhood of Laureles, La Casa Redonda is building a name for itself in the coworking movement. The goal for the space goes beyond providing office basics and focuses on building a community of creative entrepreneurs. La Casa Redonda is a great place to focus on work and make new connections with other remote professionals by hosting yoga classes, professional workshops, networking events, barbeques, and more.

Unlike Selina, their location is now open 24/7. In addition, their passes are affordable and flexible, making it easy for digital nomads on a budget.


  • Day Pass Flex Desk: 30,000 COP (~$10 USD)

  • 8-Day Pass: 200,000 COP (~$70 USD)

  • Monthly Pass: 476,000 COP (~$170 USD)

4. Semilla The word semilla means seed in Spanish. Semilla’s coffee shop and coworking space believe that remote workers need the right environment to grow and reach their full potential. Their hours are more limited than other spaces (8 am - 8 pm Monday through Saturday), but their emphasis on cultural exchange and cooperation makes it unique. Networking at Semilla is second to none, as is their coffee and cuisine. They have vegetarian and vegan food options, which are always a nice touch.

The upstairs coworking space has plenty of natural light, comfortable seating, and beautiful indoor plants. Remote workers can book “phone booths” for private calls, entire meeting rooms to meet with a team, or more flexible desk options. Rooms are cleaned multiple times per day, and the space always feels fresh.


  • Day: 33,000 COP

  • Week: 155,000 COP

  • Month: 500,000 COP

In the heart of El Poblado, Distrito 17 has a unique aesthetic compared to others on this list. The space is modern and industrial. Exposed brick walls, rugged cement floors, and renovated shipping containers may inspire a different kind of creativity. There are great burgers and beer options close by for those who need an afternoon treat.

Unlike many coworking spaces on this list, Distrito 17 allows guests to bring pets. Their staff is very accommodating but make sure your four-legged friend is well suited to interact with people and potentially other animals.


  • Day - first floor: 30,000 COP

  • Day - premium room: 40,000 COP

Los Patios Hostel offers a very modern coworking experience close to everything in Medellín. Their team is accommodating and provides help when anything needs fixing.

They offer uncommon features like bike storage, a rooftop gym, and daily events. In addition, coworkers can use the hostel’s shared kitchens to store food or cook actual meals. As a result, there is a steady flow of visitors throughout the day, which some remote workers love. Los Patios coworking space is tucked away and quiet enough to focus for extended periods. The hostel hosts events in the evenings for those who like to work late. The interiors are unique, and the wifi is consistently fast.

7. WeWork Espacios de Oficinas Amobladas Another great choice in Medellín’s city center is WeWork. Their offices are consistently clean, and while the offices are a bit more pricey than other options on the list, the comfort is worth the trade-off for some. The internet is reliable and fast.

In addition to shared kitchens and conference rooms (standard at most WeWork spaces), this dog-friendly coworking space offers bike storage and onsite parking. Colleagues can easily walk to laid-back cafes, local restaurants, and food trucks for lunch. There are also fine dining options within walking distance if entertaining clients is on your agenda. 8. Stratus Coworking

The fastest WiFi of any coworking space we used in Medellín was at Stratus Coworking. Their rooms cater to groups rather than individual remote workers, but Stratus is a perfect choice if you have a small team or a friend to split costs with.

Located in Lleras Medellín Park, the space is clean, easy to find, and has a sushi restaurant next door. The kitchens are clean and well-stocked. The building is secure and can even accept work packages for your team if you alert them ahead of time. Pricing

  • Daily meeting room (up to 6 people): 50,000 COP

  • Daily team room (up to 12 people): 60,000 COP

  • Daily group room (up to 20 people): 70,000 COP


No matter which space you choose for your next pitch, design review, or brainstorming session, coworking spaces are a necessity for creatives, freelancers, and digital nomads. Consider calling ahead to verify availability and pricing (especially for any private conference rooms). Luckily, Medellín’s public transportation and affordable rideshare options mean you are never that far from an alternative co-working space. For anyone fluent in remote working, comfortable in coworking spaces, and looking for a new chapter, consider applying to join WiFi Artists for an upcoming program. We're building a diverse group of nomads to learn alongside.



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