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Program Recap: WiFi Artists Remote Work and Travel in Mexico City, Mexico

Wifi Artists was recently traveling in Mexico City, Mexico where they are known for Templo Mayor (a 13th-century Aztec temple), the baroque Catedral Metropolitana de México of the Spanish conquistadors, and the Palacio Nacional. It is the capital of Mexico and is densely populated.

Traveling as a digital nomad can be hard, but it was amazing when it came to Mexico City. There were tons of coworking spaces, fast wifi, and comfy spots to chill and relax. We had a couple new faces join us, along with people that continued to travel with us from previous locations. Memories were made and bonds were built, and some people continued to travel with us for months to come.

For anyone that’s considering applying for a trip with Wifi Artists, this will give you an overview of the variety of activities that we do in a single month.

Welcome Dinner

Every trip that Wifi Artists takes starts with a welcome dinner. This dinner is important as this is where everyone meets and gets to know each other. There may be members that already know each other, but there are always new faces to welcome to the team.

While we’re at the dinner, everyone has a chance to introduce themselves and tell the others about themself. It’s never uncomfortable as everyone is always very welcoming, we make sure of that. We did a few icebreaker activities and then spent the dinner talking as a group about different things we can do on our month-long trip.

Our welcome dinner in Mexico City was in an amazing local Mexican restaurant where we had tacos, tortas, margaritas, and more. We chatted the entire time and left the restaurant with tons of ideas about what we’d be doing for the next month.

After dinner, our team lead put together a survey for us to vote on different activities that we talked about at dinner. Everyone votes on activities and dates and from there, an itinerary of planned activities for the next month is sent out to the team.

Cholula and Puebla

Cholula is a city located in the metropolitan area of Puebla, Mexico and is best known for its Great Pyramid, with the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios sanctuary on top, as well as its numerous churches.

There are two sides of Cholula - San Pedro Cholula and San Andrés Cholula. We started in San Andrés Cholula, first visiting the Great Pyramid of Cholula. We also visited a market that not only had many local goods, but also had tons of photo opportunities. We love a good Instagram opportunity!

Heading to the San Pedro Cholula side, we did a walking tour where we learned a lot about the area. Our team tried some grasshoppers, like actually ate them… what an interesting taste! Finally, we climbed up a small hill to see the city from view and stopped for dinner before heading back to our coworking space.

Coworking Space

Speaking of the coworking space, it was absolutely beautiful. The location we worked at was a 20-story building that offered free tea, coffee, and there was beer for purchase. It was hosted by We Work and it was the absolute best location for us as a team. With the fast wifi, the quiet atmosphere, and the other digital nomads around, it was a dream.


Our accommodation was in a five-story building that was entirely ours. It was called Casa Indigo and we had a kitchen, many rooms (one for each person), and a rooftop patio for us to sit on and lounge around with each other. It’s important to have a good place to live as a digital nomad, and this was perfect.

Lucha Libre

As a team, we went to a Lucha Libre Match. A Lucha Libre match is a Latin term for a wrestling match. It is characterized by colorful masks, rapid sequences of maneuvers, and “flying-high” maneuvers. We had so much fun at the match, and loved every single moment of it! We cheered the entire time, even when we had no clue what was going on (that’s half the fun isn’t it?).

Afterwards, we went to an afterparty with some locals. We danced and had some drinks, chatted with people around us, and there was even an appearance of some of the Luchadors! Lucha Libre after-parties are always an amazing experience.

Roma and Condesa

Condesa and Roma are neighboring cities with an arty enclave and a hipster edge, we absolutely loved it there. We started with a walking tour, these are great to get to know the city. We stopped for some street food and enjoyed it while marvelling at the beautiful scenery.

While we were in the two beautiful cities, we ate at wonderful restaurants, shopped at cute boutiques, and enjoyed the golden hour, which happened every single day and is truly magical. Roma and Condesa have so much greenery and scenery that it was hard to take it all in during one trip.

San Juan Teotihuacán

Teotihuacan is a vast Mexican archaeological complex northeast of Mexico City. Running down the middle of the site is the Avenue of the Dead. We toured the grounds, looking at all the scenery and really taking it all in. After, we went for dinner and enjoyed some traditional Mexican food. It was a quick day trip, but so fun!

Las Grutas Tolantongo Mexico Hot Springs

Las Grutas Tolantongo is one of the most popular hot springs in Mexico and although it’s still considered a hidden gem, it is absolutely amazing. The best option was to take a group tour, with an experienced tour guide, which is what we did. In addition to the hot springs, there is a zipline, suspension bridge, hotels, campsites, and restaurants.

It is a BIG place, and it is a must-see if you’re in Mexico City. We stayed the weekend, we ate amazing food from all the different restaurants, we spent so much time in the pools, hot springs, and waterfalls, and we explored all the caves. We even ventured onto the suspension bridge.


One of our favorite stops, so amazing that we did it twice, was Xochimilco. Xochimilco is a working-class neighborhood that leads to the famous canals of Xochimilco, the last remnants of a vast water transport system built by the Aztecs. It was absolutely amazing, so beautiful, and SO much fun.

On our first trip there, we took a boat along the canal, tried our skills out on some instruments, met the cutest pup, and ended the day by watching the sunset together. The town itself is very colorful and fun, and we had an absolute blast.

The second trip we took there we visited many local restaurants, took another boat tour along the canal, did a few tours, and partied the entire time. It was an absolute blast. We suggest that if you plan on visiting Xochimilco, spend at least 2 days there, it’s well worth it.

Other Activities

In addition to all the planned activities, we did a few other things during evenings and days that weren’t planned from the beginning. One of those activities was Salsa dancing. Salsa dancing starts with some conversation and getting to know each other, then moves into the dancing part. It is a very social activity and a great way to get to know people.

We also had a networking event with Hecor Paradise, a company similar to Wifi Artists. We truly believe in community over competition and we try to network with other companies like ours as much as possible. We had a potluck with their group and enjoyed each other's company while learning about what everyone does.

This of course is not an all inclusive list of everything that was done. You are able to go sightseeing, take walking tours & food tours, spend time alone, and anything else you desire to do. The best part of group travel is that at the end of the day, we’re able to come together and connect as a team, you’re never alone.

After leaving Mexico City we headed to Tbilisi. The recap of that trip is already posted and you can find it here!

If you are ready to take a trip with us, we would love to have you. Some of our upcoming trips include Quito and Medellin, check out our full list of current program availability here and apply here when you’re ready. After applying, and before booking your flight, you will have a quick interview with one of our program leaders and you will be on your way to traveling in no time!

We can’t wait to meet you.



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